Why Choose Rica Wax Over Your Regular Sugar Wax

Waxing means getting rid of body hair every month. It is a painful yet an indispensable part of a woman’s life.  It is the most opted-for hair removal method and is better than using epilators, shaving, threading or using hair removal creams. Shaving, threading or using hair removal creams makes the hair grow back faster and coarser and also harms the skin making it pigmented. Therefore, women worldwide choose to wax over them.

What is Rica Wax

Rica wax is actually a liposoluble wax manufactured by Italy-based company Rica. Liposoluble what? It is made of resin extracts and vegetable oils unlike regular or normal wax is made of sugar or honey. Because it’s all-natural and no chemicals, Rica is the best wax for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Rica wax:

Getting rid of unwanted hair might be Rica wax’s main job but it gives you much more than that including multiple flavours for multiple purposes. Redness, irritation, pain, fast growth, coarse hair growth, warm wax, everything that irritates you about waxing, go away with Rica wax. All thanks to its natural and nourishing ingredients.

Advantages of Rica wax

  • It is gentler on the skin as it doesn’t need to be heated as long as regular wax.
  • It comes with a pre-wax gel to clean the skin and make it more receptive to the wax.
  • It has great hair gripping strength, and will hardly need to go over the same area again.
  • It suits all skin types, even super sensitive skin.
  • It leaves your skin soft and glowing.
  • It moisturises and lightens the skin.
  • It is loaded with beeswax which is highly nourishing.
  • It is made of 98% natural ingredients which allow it to not stick to the skin and pull out hair smoothly.
  • It is less painful than regular wax.

What is regular wax

Normal wax is made by the simple combination of lemon and sugar or honey and contains chemical substances.  This wax is not meant for people with sensitive skin as it contains chemicals that can harm the skin. It can cause redness, bumps, itchiness, allergies, etc. and this can last up to 2 days. The removal of hair using normal wax is painful. It happens because the sugar or honey present in the wax is most likely to stick to the skin. While removing the hair a lot of effort is required and can even remove the skin cells that can result in cell damage and pain. This kind of wax is not efficient to remove the tiniest of hairs.

Disadvantages of regular wax

  • Does not remove hair completely even after multiple attempts
  • Can cause redness, itchiness, and bumps because of chemicals
  • Is not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Is sticky in nature as the primary components are sugar and honey
  • Is painful as it’s ability to stick to the hair and pull it out completely is weak

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