Different Types of Hair Removal Methods

Types of Hair Removal Method

types of hair removal methods

There are so many different types of hair removal methods, most of which are time-consuming, can be painful and expensive.

List of some hair removal methods:



Bleaching doesn’t remove your hair but instead colors it lighter to blend with your skin. It is a good choice for lightening facial hair. It can also be used on arms. 

Bleaching usually involves mixing of cream with a powder. This mix needs to be applied on hair from root to tip for hair to be lightened uniformly.


Plucking of hair

Plucking a hair can be painful, but it may be a good option if you only have a few hairs that you want to remove. Times when you might want to pluck include when you’re reshaping your eyebrows or pulling out a few stray hairs that appear on your face. You cannot use this hair removal method for large areas. It can cause ingrown hairs or scarring. 

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams for removal of hair

If you’re so over being a slave to your razor or waxing strips, you might think of depilatory creams.

Depilatory creams are the least painful and it is used to remove hair in large areas.

Cover the entire area with the cream and wait for a certain amount of time to fully dissolve the hair, after that you need to take a spatula and wipe the unwanted hair away. The product needs to be applied in thick layers to the skin where the unwanted hair is located.


shaving for removal of hair

Cheap, fast and painless, shaving is the busy girl’s fuss-free hair removal solution. Even though it can be used all over the body, it is not advisable for those who have thick, coarse hair that grows back quickly. Shaving also causes ingrown hairs around the bikini line. 

Shaving doesn’t last long so you can expect regrowth in one to three days.



Waxing is comparatively painful from other hair removal methods but it has a long-lasting effect because of which it is a favorite of all the women around the world. You can wax all over the body. Waxing should be done by the experts. 

Waxing has a great window period that usually exists between 4-6 weeks.


Threading for removal of hair

During threading, an expert pulls and twists a thread along the hair to trap it in the thread and pull it out of the skin. This is a great removal option for a number of reasons because the hair does not grow back for around six weeks. It is beneficial for people who have very sensitive skin, as no chemicals or products are applied to the skin, so there is no chance of any skin reaction.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is the permanent option for the removal of hair.

However, laser hair removal simply lightens the hair on the body and makes it finer and less obvious. This treatment is best for people who have lighter skin and darker hair. It also works on heating the hair follicles to stop new hairs from growing. This puts the hair follicles in a state of dormancy for a long period of time — much longer than with shaving and waxing. When the hairs do grow back, they’ll be lighter, finer, and fewer in number.

These are Different Types of Hair Removal Method.

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