Tips to bring bridal makeup at home in budget

Is the wedding on your cards soon? Among all the hefty preparations required to make the marriage successful, finalising a professional to go ahead with bridal makeup at home is one big and must-to-do task during the initial preparations. 

Are you getting anxious with the preparations? Though this is a never-ending task, we can still help you with a few of our practical tips to carry out Bridal makeup without much worry. 

We have covered these most beneficial tips to help you get your wedding bridal makeup sorted at home. Before going through the tips, let us glance over the most asked questions by the bride and her family members. 

Is Dulhan at home makeup costly?

When the wedding preparations are going on, everyone wishes to move on with a specific budget. Due to the pandemic, people prefer dulhan at home makeup and are gushing over the professional artists to get the desired look within the budget. 

In our tips, we will guide you with few decisions that can help you make the Dulhan at home makeup budget-friendly. 

Read the article to get answers to your questions, starting from “ How to do dulhan makeup at home “ to “ How to choose the best bridal makeup artist”.

 Let us get started!

1. Check for the previous work of the makeup artist

Bridal makeup is different from other types of makeup practices. Not all professionals are well trained to carry out bridal hair and makeup. If you plan to book a professional makeup artist who can help you recreate your desired wedding look, don’t forget to ask the artist to show their previous work. 

It will help conclude what you can expect from the makeup artist while finalising them for wedding bridal makeup.

2. Check for the experience in Bridal Makeup

Similar to tip 1, this tip is to make sure the professional artist you have booked to do the dulhan makeup is proficient and capable of doing the bridal makeup at home with less help. 

Wondering how you can find a professional makeup artist for wedding bridal makeup with good years of experience? Talk to our experts at Jini. We have already on-boarded trained and experienced professional artists who can offer you wedding bridal makeup at home. 

3. Check for certifications of the makeup artists

While zeroing down the dulhan at home makeup artist, certain considerations should be kept in mind. Many professional artists claim to own the required certifications but sadly are not trained. To ensure you are not getting in the trap of such scammers, it is advisable to ask for the specific makeup artist’s certifications or the training details. 

Bridal hair and makeup is a process that one needs to learn from the trained professionals. If the artist you are looking for lacks this type of training, it is better to skip that artist. 

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4. Check for the products quality and authenticity

Again, while people focus on doing dulhan makeup at home, they often neglect the value of quality-oriented beauty products. If you wish to keep your skin and hair secure, it is essential to choose a beauty partner who can help in offering you a quality check over the beauty and hygiene products. 

Many bridal makeup artists often fail to meet the quality standards in their products; the reason might be the low budget or the high-profit margin they are expecting. 

In both cases, you might suffer from unwanted consequences. It is advised to either ask the professionals to use seal-packed products while starting up with the bridal makeup at home, or you can bring your products and ask them to apply them.

This is a secret tip that can help secure your skin and help in squeezing your budget to the maximum. 

5. Check for the makeup artist availability 

When wedding season is on top, there is a surge in the demands of dulhan makeup artists. Post pandemic, the choice for bridal makeup at home has been increased to the manifold. 

To make sure you are not witnessing a high quotation for the bridal makeup booking, it is advised to check for the makeup artist availability. You can do a pre-booking to ensure that your requirements are met without any surge addition. 

You can now pre-book your order or can check the calendar for the availability of our Jini artists. This simple task can help you save a considerable amount in terms of facing the high demand charges. 

6. Check for the budget/ ask for offers 

Last but not least, the most practical tip is to make sure you fix your budget and ask the experts to offer you a customised set of services within this budget.

You might find a few of the services in the list as the required one, whereas a few might be of no use to you. In such cases, you can ask your bridal makeup artist to create a customised and flexible package for you. This can help you to stick to your budget and get the required services from the experts.

It would be best to find the dulhan makeup at home artists ready to work upon a customised package for your services. 

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As you have gone through these tips, we can expect that you might be looking for the above-mentioned points in your upcoming bookings.

To answer all your queries, we can say that Jini is what you are looking for. With all the above checklist uptick in the right boxes, we will make your bridal makeup at home experience a memorable one. 

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