Jini Salon At Home

Want a hair spa, waxing or facial treatment, isn’t it most comfortable when you get it done at home? You don’t have to worry about getting ready to visit a salon or wait for your turn. It’s a breeze when Jini’s professional beauticians offer amazing home salon services for all your beauty requirements.

Why Jini only?

Avail Jini beauty services at home

  • Save Time: Visiting a salon in that city traffic? Once reached, you would also have to wait for your turn. If you avail a home salon service, an expert professional will come to your house at a
    pre-arranged time and your day won’t get wasted.
  • Feel Comfortable: Feel free to read a book while listening to your favorite songs. This will not be the same when you are in a salon. The atmosphere there may not be familiar and after your beauty therapy gets over, you are required to leave in an instant.
  • Relaxed Services: A Beautician offering home salon services will be there at your house during a fixed, prescheduled time, with no delays. At a salon, the beautician’s attention will be a divide among other customers. Because of this, the beauty therapist may rush to finish your treatment.
Jini Manicure
  • In the comfort of your home
  • Doorstep service
  • Verified, Senior Beauticians
  • Avg. experience of 4 years
  • Trained to operate in a home environment
  • All beauticians rated 4.2 & above

Only Top Brands

Jini Products

Rica, Cheryl by l’oreal, Lotus & O3+

  • Branded Cosmetics: Rica, Cheryl by l’oreal, Lotus & O3+
  • Hygiene Friendly: Disposables like wipes, towels
Door step salon & Beauty services at home.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1.  Why Jini when we have plenty of parlors and salons? 
We give you four reasons:

  • Why go to a salon when the salon can come to your home?
  • No waiting time
  • Choose your own stylists with verified reviews yourself.
  • Last but not the least for the same quality of service our stylists are much better priced compared to your nearest salon.

Q2. What equipment do beauticians carry? Do I require to arrange some?

From wax heaters to pedicure tubs; Our beauticians carry everything they need in their bags – which also includes gowns, aprons, mat, table and hand towels! You only have to relax and enjoy the services!

Q3. Can I trust Beauticians coming to my home via Jini?

In one word – Absolutely! Jini does three different kinds of background checks of any stylist that we enroll. We have their verified ID card details, address proofs, education and past employment proofs. We also assess the quality of service of all our beauty professionals as we would not want anybody to touch your skin or hair if we don’t think they are qualified.

With the Jini.me service you can book appointments for as late as 10:00 PM. Skip stepping outside and book now!