Post-Waxing & Threading Care Steps You Should Be Following

#1. Wear Sunscreen. Please.

Waxing and threading make your skin very sensitive to sunlight. The easiest thing to do avoid skin damage is to carry some sunscreen when you visit the salon. Ask your salon professional to apply it for you after wiping off the wax.

#2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel When You Get Home

Aloe vera gel, or a freshly sliced aloe vera leaf if you’re an organic soul, will soothe redness and settle the bumps that appear after waxing.

#3. Or Rub an Ice Cube

Beside soothing the redness, ice cubes will also help close the pores. The other alternative is take a cool (not cold) shower.

#4. Use Cooled Tea bags for the Brows

Pop some used tea bags in the freezer for ten minutes, before gently dabbing them over your eyebrow and upper lip. The redness will be disappear in 15 minutes.

woman lying with tea bags on her eyes

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