Massage at Home For Men

Massage at Home For Men 

With very busy work schedules and lifestyles, it is tough to relax your body and mind. And taking a break is necessary to recover your body, whether in the form of a long vacation or relaxing your body by taking a 60-minute massage. 

As we understand that you rarely get time to visit a parlour and Going to a massage parlour is more of a headache, get stuck in traffic and your body knows how much energy and time it has wasted to get through those never-ending queues at the nearest parlour. But now, you are just an appointment away to get the best massage services at your home.

Massage at Home For Men

Jini app makes simple for you, we crafted our unique Massage at Home service for men – a relaxing massage by an experienced massage therapist, served to you in your home.

Why men need massage therapy:


Massage can relieve stress

Stress can come from any sources that can sometimes catch you off-guard, but its effects on the body have a fairly predictable pattern. Most people carry stress tension in the shoulders, neck and head, which can bring on a nasty headache.

Research has shown that a simple 30-minute head, neck and shoulder massage immediately relaxes the brain and calms the nerves.

Body ache

Massage relieves all kinds of body pain

We know that most people suffer from pain in their back, neck, and shoulders due to today’s working conditions.
A simple body massage relieves all kinds of body aches. If you suffer from pain, particularly your lower back or shoulders, neck a medium-pressure Thai massage or a deep-pressure Deep Tissue massage would offer relief.

Sleeping Problem

Get a  light-pressure aromatherapy massage and see the results almost immediately! You will find your sleeping patterns improve when you book a good massage regularly. You will get a deep sleep and you will wake up refreshed and active.

High blood pressure

Massage reduce high blood pressure

High blood pressure is associated with a number of other health problems, including hypertension, heart failure, and kidney failure. Massage helps to reduce high blood pressure by reducing stress and improving circulation.

Workout recovery

Massage is a necessity for men who play sports, are extremely athletic or who are gym enthusiasts. A massage reduces the strain, soreness, and tension in the muscles.

Boost immunity

If you fall sick often then a regular massage can help to boost immunity. A 40-minute Swedish massage improves the protein levels in the blood, that in turn, help fight disease-causing pathogens.

The list goes on, but most importantly we feel anyone who has a busy lifestyle could use some-time and there’s no better way to boost the mood than a 60-minute indulgent massage that helps relax, de-stress and unwind!

What Jini Provides in Massage at Home For Men service

Jini Massage at Home offers men a relaxing head, shoulder, or a full body massage in the comfort of their home, at a time and day of their choice.

Our well-trained and experienced, male therapists arrive on time, are well-equipped, use high-quality products, are mindful of hygiene and clean up after the service, all for an affordable price!

Our therapists carry everything they need in their bags – which includes gowns, aprons, mat, table and hand towels.

You only have to relax and enjoy the services!

With the service you can book appointments for as late as 10:00 PM. Skip stepping outside and book now!