Everything you need to know about Rica Wax and its benefits?

Waxing is one of the most opted beauty services among any age group. Most likely, you might have taken these services from a salon near you or a salon at home. Several questions might have come to your mind or maybe a set of precautions that you might need to take for desirable results in any of the cases. 

In this beauty blog, we have tried to cover every possible and most common aspect of Rica wax and what all preparations are a must. This popular hair removal solution helps in delivering smooth, hair-free skin without worrying much about pain and other hassles. 

What is Waxing?

It is one of the beauty-oriented processes that helps to remove unwanted hair from the body. Contrary to shaving, waxing offers more permanent and longer results when it comes to removing unwanted hair.  Though the hair waxed keeps on regrowing at a certain point in time, but still, as you keep on following the process, the skin surface has more sparse or maybe none of the hair. 

Waxing can be done to anybody area, small (chin) or big ( arms/legs). Though it is a lightheaded process, it requires whole time attention. An individual needs to take out ample time to stay prepared for the procedure

Rica Waxing: What does it stand for, and how is it different from normal waxing?

Rica Waxing is quite popular among the millennial generation. Young and middle-aged ladies prefer Rica wax over the normal honey wax. Here is all you should know about Rica Wax and its benefits. 

Rica Wax is a liposoluble wax. The composition of Rica Wax primarily consists of resin extracts and vegetable oils. On the other hand, in honey wax, the main ingredients are honey or sugar. 

Why is Rica Wax popular?

You might have encountered skin sensitivity during the procedure. It happens to 3 out of 5 customers regularly. In such cases, beauty experts advise for Rica wax instead of honey wax. The chemical-free Rica wax helps in calming down the reaction and soothes the sensitivity quotient. 

Also, the results are comparatively better with Rica Wax other than honey or normal wax. Rica Wax is known to prolong the delay for hair regrowth on specific body parts and helps remove the dead cells and clear the tanning in a much better way. 

Owing to these benefits, Rica Wax is quite popular. So, if you have not yet tried the Rica wax, now is the best time to opt for it. You will surely love the results!

Proven Benefits of Rica Wax over normal Wax!

Here is the list of benefits that you might need to know before you opt for Rica Wax. 

Suitable for all skin types

Rica Wax is quite suitable for all skin types. No matter which skin type you own (dry, oily or super-sensitive), you can go ahead with Rica Wax. 

Say goodbye to irritation and redness.

Post wax sessions, it has been noticed that most of the ladies suffer from common symptoms such as redness or irritation on the skin. However,  Rica gives you the freedom from these annoying side-effects. The wax is colophony free and is a smart addition that can help you to get relieved from this post-wax stress. 

Easy to apply 

Unlike other normal wax, Rica Wax helps soothe your skin by offering a single application over the body parts. There is no need for re-application. It not only saves your time but also helps you to enjoy the experience promptly. 

Slows down re-growth

Yes, you read it right. When you start opting for the Rica wax as your regular wax option, you might find that you will have less or slow hair growth in some time. If you compare the particular part where Rica Wax is applied in contrast to honey wax, the area with Rica Wax has slower hair growth. It makes it evident for all to trust Rica Wax when they wish to slow down hair growth.  

Removes tanning 

Dead skin and seasonal tan are a few of the common problems that we all encounter. If you choose to stick to the Rica Wax therapy, you will find that it works wonders on tanning. Moreover, dead skin removal also becomes easy and convenient. 

Say yes to no pain 

Many of us will agree that though waxing is one of the common beauty procedures followed by all at the end of the day, it is painful. As compared to shaving, waxing is painful and stressful for many. In such cases, if you opt for Rica Wax, you will find that the process is less painful and more convenient. So, what are you thinking of? Choose the best way to opt for the waxing process

Why do you need to do prior preparation for Waxing?

As discussed above, waxing demands your time and patience. It has been noticed that prior preparation of the body parts helps bring out the desired results and helps improvise the results. 

It not only requires your time and patience but also seeks your preparation. 

A common myth associated with Waxing

The most common myth associated with waxing is that people think that regular episodes of waxing might make your hair look darker and denser. Is it true?

Absolutely not! The more you keep on waxing your body parts, your hair grows less dense.  If you keep on regularly waxing your hair, the weaker and less pigmented hair will be grown. 

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