Checklist to get the Best Salon Services at Home

As our lives came to a screeching halt last year, everyone switched to alternatives to their regular visits to places. Whether they were restaurants, banks, or even salons, we opted for a way that minimized our contact with the world. Now, as we are gearing up towards 2021, the on-demand economy seems to boom for a longer run. The demand is real-time, and customers are looking for options that save time and convenient at the same time. Salon services at home are in trend!

While we are juggling with a multitude of commitments in our fast lives, we barely seem to spare any time for ourselves. Working our way up with a hectic lifestyle surely warrants some time to indulge in self-care! 

While we might not get time to do it, home salon services come to our rescue! At-home beauty services have recently become the trending buzzword, and we are here to tell you why. From affordability to hygiene, salon services at home have a lot to offer to customers. 

Wondering why you should choose to get beauty services at home? Read on!

In the comfort of your own home

There is no place in the world like our home. We are most relaxed and at ease in our home. While the outdoors need you to be wary of yourself and the people around you, our homes offer us the comfort we need to get wind down and relax! 

At-home parlor services offer you all the amenities you would get in a professional setting, from the very peace of your own place! 

More hygienic 

Beauty salons always have a rush of customers trying to avail their services. You can never be too cautious with a crowd of people that are pouring in from everywhere. The furniture and the equipment in a salon are high-touch spots; sanitizing them after every use may not be feasible for some salons. Subsequently, this increases the chance of catching an infection.

However, the same is not an issue with salon services at home! Beauty experts from Jini are trained to take care of your safety. Our experts are routinely tested on different health parameters and are instructed to use sanitized tools. 

Save your precious time

Earlier, if we wanted to get something as little as our eyebrows threaded, we had to take out time and travel to a salon for it. At-home salon services take care of that! Instead of going to a salon, the salon comes to you! 

So, now even if you are running on a tight schedule and hardly have any time on your hands, you can easily book your salon service from a few taps on your phone. This works particularly well during festivals and events – when there are traffic jams on roads and salons are at-capacity.

Easy on your pocket

Many people think that getting a salon service at home will burn a hole in their pocket. But that’s not true! With the demand for home-salon services growing lately, many platforms offer beauty treatments regularly or even at a discounted price. 

Design your vibe

At-home salon services help you skip the hustle-bustle of a busy salon to personalize your service experience at home! You can talk to a friend freely, switch on your favorite lights, or put on your playlist – salon services at home give you the freedom of indulging in personal care the way you like.

After services like waxing and oil massages, all we want to do is hop in the shower! At-home salons offer you the advantage of cleaning up right after the service saving you the inconvenient journey back home.

You get the spotlight

More often than not, beauty experts are swamped with work appointments at a salon. This means their time is divided amongst many people. As a consequence, you might not receive a satisfactory service.

However, when you’re availing treatment at home, you get the beauty expert’s undivided attention! They are not in a hurry to finish your service and thus can focus solely on you! They might also end up shelling some extra time to work on your service without any hindrances tampering with their work.

Let Jini handle your beauty woes!

Jini’s at-home salon services can make your salon appointments a breeze! You can avail the best services in hair care and skin care. Our certified and trained beauty professionals also offer expert make up services that can make you the best on D-day!

Keeping WHO COVID-19 guidelines in mind, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your beauty treatments are the safest and delightful. We monitor our experts’ health regularly and sanitize our equipment after every use. Our experts are mandated to wear masks and gloves at any given point of time during the service. Now, you can sit back and enjoy getting pampered! 

Are you wondering how Jini works?

It’s simple and only takes three taps on your phone! All you have to do is:

  1. Download our app from Google Play Store or App Store and create your account. 
  2. Then, choose the service you want to avail and add them to the cart.
  3. Choose your preferred time-slot and book an appointment.
  4. Viola! Your beauty expert arrives at your doorstep at the chosen date and time.

And there you have it! With this checklist for at-home salon services, you can now book your beauty appointments without a worry. It’s easy, affordable, safe, and saves you a good deal of time!