9 Ways to Care for Your Skin Before Bedtime

Manage your problems overnight to wake up to a whole new glow. Night is the time when your skin and hair regenerate itself for all the harm done to it in the day time. It’s because the body and mind is most relaxed at the time when we sleep.

There are some of the tips that will take care of yourself before bed.

1. Wash Your Face:

The best of skin beauty products won’t make a difference if you don’t start with a clean face, so always wash your face before going to bed. Cleansing your skin before bed is all that you need to wake up fresh-faced.

wash your face daily before going to bed

Benefits of washing your face before bed:

  • Clear pores..
  • Remove oil from skin.
  • Prevent wrinkles.
  • Freshen your skin

2. Moisturized lips:

Moisturized your lips before bed

Wake up with soft lips by applying a lip scrub before heading to bed. After rinsing it off, apply a lip balm that will moisturize your lips while you sleep.

3. Oiling Eyes and dark circles:

Oil dark circle before going to bed

Massage a small amount of almond oil around your eyes using your ring finger to treat dark circles and fine lines. Or you can use natural coffee cream for dark circles and fine lines.

4. Eyelashes conditioning :

Clean eyelashes before going to bed

Cleanse your eyelashes and eyelids daily before going to bed using a mild cleanser or eyelid shampoo

5. Brighten Teeth:

Brush Your teeth before going to bed

Here’s a super easy tip for the perfect set of pearly white teeth: After brushing your teeth at night, dip your toothbrush in baking soda and brush again. Do this only once a week to prevent damaging your teeth

6. Vaseline for soft feet:

If you want to get rid of dry, cracked skin on your feet! Put some amount of Vaseline and massage them well and cover with a pair of cotton socks to help your feet absorbs all the nourishing benefits of the cream.

7. Split ends treatment:

Apply alovera to hair before going to bed

Dry split ends can be very well treated with aloe vera gel. Apply some on your hair and wake up with soft and shiny hair.

8. Ease wrinkles

  • Try to drink 2L of water per day
  • Use high-quality anti-wrinkle creams
  • Silk pillowcases help prevent hair breakage, and even wrinkles too.

9. Strengthening of nails :

Strengthening of nails

Coconut oil will help to strengthen nails. Apply them before sleeping and have a nice morning.

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